1. Please take the time to read about cannabis and its benefits. There is a lot information available on our site and others.

2. Then proceed to our patient intake form and release your medical records to us for review to help us determine if you are likely to benefit from medical cannabis and be certifiable.

3. Finally come in for a medical office evaluation. Bring any medical records that you have for our review and consideration. Let us do a clinical evaluation and make a determination.

After a brief waiting period, you will then visit one of the local dispensaries helping you feeling better again.

What You Will Need To Bring:

NYS Drivers License or NYS Non-Drivers Identification Card (Not a copy), any Medical Records including (EMG/ NCS, imaging, biopsy, and lab results), and doctors referral if your were evaluated by another physician (not necessary).

Initial Consultation Fee*: 99-consultation-fee

Initial Certification (in-office or via telemedicine): $250

Certification Renewal Fee: $200

Following Initial Certification Subsequent follow-up, adjustment or modification to your regimen: $50

Cancellation/ no-show Fee: $50

Reproduction of Medical Records: $10

*This fee is non-refundable. Additional fees will apply if you qualify to be certified.

Please note the New York State Department of Health also charges a $50 registration fee to produce your identification card, which is billed at a later date.